Jabra 14201-32 EHS adapter

Jabra 14201-32 EHS adapter

  • $59.00

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Jabra 14201-32 - EHS adapter for Nortel/Avaya 1100 Series IP Phones with USB Headset Port

  • Jabra LINK 14201-32 enables remote Electronic Hook Switch Control (EHS) with Jabra wireless headsets and the Avaya/Nortel 11 series IP Phones: 1120E, 1140E, 1150E, 1165E with USB headset port.
  • Call directly from Jabra wireless headsets up to 450 ft away from their desk.
  • Jabra 14201-32 is compatible with Jabra wireless Jabra PRO 9450, PRO 9460, PRO 9465, PRO 9470, Jabra GO 6470, Jabra PRO920, GN9350e/9330e and GN9120EHS, GN9125
  • Hear ring tone in the headset
  • Answer and end calls
  • Adjust the volume
  • Mute the microphone
  • Firmware upgradeable 
  • Please call us for expert headset assistance with compatibility with your wireless headset 


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