ADDASOUND Crystal 2702 Wired Binaural Headset

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ADDASOUND Crystal 2702 Wired Monaural Headset

  • Strong noise-canceling microphone, 80% background noise eliminated
  • Professional acoustic tune designed to assure more excellent effects for broadband speaker
  • Hearing protection meeting to the international standard, caring for your health constantly
  • Crystal2702 has optional online volume switch, excellent effects for mute
  • Easily match crystal plug QD cables, 3.5mm double pluc PC cables and USB 2.0 QD cables
  • 330º adjustable microphone holder, microphone output automatic gain control to be compatible and matching for different systems
  • Adjustable headband, comfortable for having on the headset
  • Crystal2702 has a creative quick disconnection plug, easily for you being away from the telephone while still having on the headset. Liberating your hands and providing free communication with high efficiency.
  • Quick Disconnect feature provides walkaway convenience and compatibility with all Plantronics amplifiers:  MX10M12M22, P10SHS- 1890 series, AP-15 or CA12CD wireless dispatch amplifer and Plantronics QD Connecting cords such as A10-16HIC, HIS26716-0127190-0138099-01, and Addasound cables sold separately