AT&T SB67128 4 Line Accessory Repeater

  • $159.00

ATT SB67128  logo
ATT SB67128 DECT 6.0 range 4-line Repeater
For use with the ATT-SB67118 and ATT-SB6710
  • Small home office. Expandable systems, Multi-line corded telephones, Unsurpassed range
  • Expandable corded telephones, DECT zero blind slot technology,
  • The ATT-SB67128 has an expandable system (use up to 10 handsets)
  • Connect up to 6 repeaters to 1 corded base unit, Link 2 or more repeaters together
  • The ATT-SB67128 provides handoff calls between repeaters, 1 to 4 Line capability
  • Connect up to 6 repeaters to 1 corded base unit (sb67118 sold separately)
  • Link 2 or more repeaters together, Handoff calls between repeaters
  • The ATT-SB67128 is redefining long range coverage and clarity
  • Expandable corded telephones
  • DECT zero blind slot technology
ATT-SB67108 cordless accessory handsets (sold separately) can roam between repeaters