Viking Electronics Intercom Paging

Viking Electronics designs and manufactures over 250 telecommunications and security related products for small businesses. Best described as "problem solvers," designed to fix or add unique features to other manufacturers' telephone or security systems. Included in their line: Access Control,Apartment Entry Systems, Automated Attendants, Call Sequencers, Campus Security, Digital Announcers, Door Entry Systems, Emergency/Elevator Phones, Enclosures, Enhanced Weather Protection, Fax/Data Products, Hot-Line Dialers, Hot-Line Phones/Accessories, Line Simulators/Ringdown Circuits, Mass Notification/Alarm Dialers, Paging/Loud Ringing Products, Remote Access/Long Loop Adapter, Visual Line Status, VoIP / IP Products, Call us for assistance with the Viking line, as most products are currently not listed 866 566 7044.