Jabra GnNetcom 850-09 Link850 Audio Processor

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Jabra GnNetcom 850-09 Link 850 Audio Processor, Headset amplifier
  • Link850 Connects to any phone and provides easy PC connectivity for UC calls
  • USB powered.
  • Enhance noise reduction eliminates disruptive sounds and call interruptions, removes line hiss and other distracting noise from the phone network, and reduces background noise by only amplifying sounds over a certain level.
  • PeakStop™ acoustic shock protection, a technology which removes potentially harmful sound spikes before they reach the headset.
  • Advanced audio technologies, including DSP (Digital Signal Processing) that delivers crystal clear sound without echoes
  • Link850 has Dynamic Volume Control that automatically adjusts volume to a comfortable level with no distortion
  • Tone Control Equalizer that enables agents to adjust the sound of their Jabra headsets to the optimal level of clarity.
  • Unique Supervisor Interface that enables easy agent training and call monitoring
  • The Jabra Link 850 Works with any GN and Jabra Wired 2000 series Headsets 
  • Replaces the GnNetcom GN8000MPA amplifier
REFURBISHED Backed by a 6 Month Warranty

Optional Accessories:
  • Busylight (14207-10) that tells colleagues you’re on a call
  • Jabra AC Adapter with USB Interface (14203-05) If you don’t have access to the USB port
LINK 850 
LINK 850 User Manual
Jabra Compatibility Guide