Jabra GN1216 88001-04 Headset Cord for Avaya

Jabra GN1216 88001-04 Headset Cord for Avaya

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Jabra GN1216 Cord for Avaya, 88001-04
(formally 88001-03)

  • Standard RJ9 connector one end -Jabra Quick Disconnect plug on other
  • Supports wideband sound
  • The Jabra GN1216 Smart Cord adapter as a part of the corded solution on Avaya one-X Deskphone 1600 and 9600 series telephones including:
  • Avaya IP 1608, 1616, 9608, 9610, 9611, 9611G, 9620, 9620C, 9620L, 9621, 9630, 9630G, 9640, 9640C, 9641, 9641G, 9650, 9650G, 9650C, 9670
  • Use through the headset port, and cannot be used on telephones without a headset port.
  • GN1216 works with a full range of most popular professional GN and Jabra headsets wired headsets: BIZ1900, BIZ2400, BIZ2410, BIZ2415, BIZ2415, BIZ2410, BIZ2415, BIZ2420, BIZ2425, BIZ2470, BIZ2475, BIZ620, GN1900, GN2000, GN2010, GN2015, GN2020, GN2025, GN2110, GN2115, GN2117, GN2119, GN2120, GN2124, GN2125

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