Plantronics APS-11 37818-11 Electronic Hookswitch Cable

  • $79.00

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Plantronics APS-11 37818-11 Electronic Hookswitch Cable

  • Electronic hook switch cable for remote desk phone call control (answer/end)
  • Eliminates the need for a HL10 Handset Lifter
  • Works with a variety of desk phones (Siemens, Funwerk CS410 CS410-U IP-S400 CS290-U IP290 plus desk phones, Auerswald, Agfeo Desk Phone Models: ST30 ST31 ST40 ST40IP , Mitel 5380 5370 6771 6773 6775 6735i* 6737i* 6739i 6753i* 6755i* 6757i* 6865i 6867i 6869i 5370ip 5380ip 6773ip 6775ip 7434ip 7444ip 6757i CT desk phones, Aastra, DTeWe
  • Also works with Tiptel Desk Phone Models: 85 System (works with PABX Family Tiptel 3011/22 system/office) 274 275
  • Also works with T-System Desk Phones: F20 F30 F40 F50 F630 F640 F660 F680
  • Also worths with Unify Desk Phones: OpenScape IP 35G OpenScape IP 55G OpenStage 30 OpenStage 40 OpenStage 60 OpenStage 80 Optipoint 410 Optipoint 420 Optipoint 500 Optipoint 600
  • APS-11 EHS cable replaces the APS-10 cable
  • Works with Plantronics wireless headsets CS500 series and Savi Headsets: CS510, CS520, CS530, CS540, CS510-XD, CS520-XD, CS540-XD, CS545-XD, W710, W720, W730,W740, W745,W710-M, W720-M, W730-M, W740-M, W745-M and Voyager Legend CS


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