CLP1080e Two-Way Radio 8-Channel UHF

CLP1080e Two-Way Radio 8-Channel UHF

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CLP1080e Two-Way Radio for Business 8-Channel UHF

Motorola CLP1080e two-way radios operate on 8 channels and have an enhanced battery life of up-to 18 hours. Each radio ships with a battery, battery door, charger, holster and earpiece.

A walkie talkie designed specifically for the retail, restaurant, hotel, office and assisted living industries, the Motorola CLP1080e two-way radio is ready to operate on up-to 8 channels to support your larger operation. It’s sleek with an embedded antenna and easy to operate with a large central push-to-talk button. Plus with an estimated battery life of up to 18 hours, you’ll never need to worry about your shift outlasting your radio. Radio weight and dimensions are calculated with the standard battery.

Performance Characteristics
Band Split: UHF

Display & Keypad Type: Non-Display,No Keypad

Enhanced Radio Features: N/A

Estimated Battery Life @ 5/5/90 w/Standard Battery: 18 Hours

IP Rating: IP54

FCC License Required: Yes

Number of Channels: 8

Power: 1W

Programmable: Optional

Standard Package Includes: Radio, Battery, Battery Door, Charger, Holster, Earpiece

Radio Protocol: Analog Conventional

Type: Portable

Primary Vertical Market: Retail, Restaurants, Small Hotel, Small Office, Nursing Homes and Assisted Living