GnNetcom 88011-99 GN1200 Smartcord

  • $39.99

 Jabra 88011-99 logo
Jabra 88011-99
  • For use with any GnNetcom and Jabra headsets for direct connect applications
  • GN1200 7-foot coiled smart cord
  • Will work with virtually any phone providing greater convenience
  • Works with most desk phones including IP hard phones
  • Microphone amplification to boost transmit levels when connecting to low transmit volume phone systems
  • Simple slide adjustment for easy setup GN 1200 features eight separate wire schemes - including 3 with built-in microphone amplification
  • GN1200 connects GN and Jabra headsets such as BIZ1900, BIZ2400, BIZ2410, BIZ2415,  BIZ2420, BIZ2425, BIZ2470, BIZ2475, BIZ620, GN1900, GN2000, GN2010, GN2015,GN2020, GN2025, GN2110, GN2115, GN2117, GN2119, GN2120, GN2124, GN2125, GN2325 through the Quick Disconnect plug 
  • Fits virtually all telephones featuring a standard RJ 9 modular connector.

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