Jabra GnNetcom MPA-II Multipurpose Amplifier

Jabra GnNetcom MPA-II Multipurpose Amplifier

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GN MPA-II Multi-purpose headset amplifier for GN and Jabra wired headsets

  • For most phone systems with a modular handset connector
  • The MPA-II works with all GN Netcom Headsets and Jabra headsets
  • Connects GN and Jabra headsets such as BIZ1900, BIZ2400, BIZ2410, BIZ2415, BIZ2415, BIZ2410, BIZ2415, BIZ2420, BIZ2425, BIZ2470, BIZ2475, BIZ620, GN1900, GN2000, GN2010, GN2015, GN2020, GN2025, GN2110, GN2115, GN2117, GN2119, GN2120, GN2124, GN2125
  • Although discontinued, we have them available in refurbs
  • Refurbished backed by a 6 Month Warranty 

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