Plantronics M22 43596-40 Headset Amplifier Refurbished

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Plantronics M22

43596-40 Vista Universal Headset Amplifier Base

Quick Disconnect Feature. The M22 Works with H-series Plantronics headsets: H141, H141N, H251, H251N, H51, H51N, H61, H61N, H261, HW261, HW261N, H261N, H51N, HW251, HW251N, H41, H41N, H81, H81N, H101, H101N, HW510, HW520, HW530, HW540, HW710, HW720, H91, H91N, H361,H361N, H351N, H171, H171N, HW301N 

and Addasound Crystal 270127022821282228712872 Headsets 

  • Vista M22 amplifier delivers precise levels of listening comfort, sophisticated hearing protection, advanced audio performance all in a small footprint
  • Clearline audio to improve call quality in any environment, especially wideband VoIP for a great callcenter experience 
  • Near-universal compatibility with single and multi-line telephones, as well as ergonomically designed volume, headset/handset and mute controls
  • Quick Disconnect feature between the M22 & Plantronics headset lets you move away from your phone without removing your headset or disconnecting the call 
  • Complete with a lightweight 10-foot coil cord for freedom of movement at your desk
  • Echo management for clearer calls. Protection from loud noises. Reduces background noise for clearer calls.
  • Adjustable incoming & outgoing volume to your personal specifications
  • One-button selection to quickly switch between headset or handset 
  • Compatible with most office and contact center phones.
  • The Plantronics M22 replaces M10, M12 amplifiers
  • REFURBISHED- Backed by a 6 Month Warranty!

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